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HempOceans Tour is a matching platform between conductors and tourists in areas where you can enjoy cannabis. Even if you are not familiar with the local information, you can rely on the conductors listed on the HempOceans Tour. With the evaluation system, the conductor tries to be more correct. The person who can help you find marijuana while traveling is the owner, and you can make money by showing them around. Let’s enjoy the cannabis tour !

HempOceans Tour features

Business information can be posted, everything can be searched unlimitedly, and direct messages can be sent indefinitely. Everything is for those who want to enjoy cannabis tourism.



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Cannabis Tourism

It seems that every few months, the list of places with legal recreational marijuana grows even longer. Amsterdam has been a marijuana hotspot for decades, Colorado added itself to the list in 2012, and in 2018, Canada got on board with recreational bud. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place where marijuana flows freely (and legally), however. This has given rise to a new field within the marijuana industry: marijuana tourism.

I created a service that makes it easy to find marijuana while traveling.  I’m Japanese, but it is illegal to have marijuana in Japan. Because of this, I find marijuana when I travel abroad, but it is very difficult.
That’s why I created the service.

"I wanted to know who I can trust."

Keisuke Kuribara, Propagation Inc. CEO